6 Reasons Why Men Should Shave Their Head

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A head full of hair on a man has been long associated with virility and vitality. Remember the biblical hero Samson? His strength was in his tresses. However, current researches suggest that when balding starts to set in, it is better for all men to shave it off. Canadian men have different reasons for shaving their heads and it ranges from religious devotion to hiding hair loss or even uniform regulations. Here are 6 reasons why every single guy should consider this particular type of men's grooming.

  • Going Bald Helps In Hiding Receding Hairlines And Pattern Baldness: There are several methods that you can try in order to hide your baldness or regrow your hair. Unfortunately, all these methods either don’t work, or look simply ridiculous, or are incredibly expensive. The best solution for this is to man up, take a HeadBlade Moto and make a decision to rock the bald look. This method isn't only the easiest and cheapest method to go, but it can also help in hiding your baldness and make you look much more masculine at one single stroke.


  • Shaving Your Head Makes You Look Younger In No Time: Most men tend to look younger with a shaved head mainly due to the fact that both men and women love to associate baldness along with virility and toughness.


  • Going Bald Leads You To No More Bad Hair Days Or Bad Hair Cuts: Every man has experienced their fair share of bad hair days at least once in their lifetime. Now try imagining a world where you don’t need to pay a single penny for a haircut. Another great benefit of shaving your head is being able to take care of all your own barbering needs. Furthermore, it is cheaper, quicker and the only stress-free DIY haircut around.


  • Head Shaving Helps In Eliminating The Hassle Of Styling And Washing: Getting yourself a shaved head helps in getting rid of the long process of combing, shampooing, styling, and drying your hair in order to achieve the desired look. Moreover, styled hair can easily deteriorate throughout the day anyways. Most of the men are very much surprised at the amount of time that can be saved by having a shaved or bald head in their daily routine.


  • A Shaved Head Might Help In Boosting Your Career: Studies conducted on several Canadian men having shaved heads proved that they are perceived to be much more dominant, masculine and are better suited for leadership roles.


  • A Shaved Head Increases Chances For Reinvention: As we have already discussed, this type of Canadian men's style is a big change in itself. Having a bald head can make you look and feel very much different and that in itself is a great thing. Remember, the first time you look at yourself bald in a mirror, you are going to be looking at a completely new man. Furthermore, you can start making changes to your wardrobe, your lifestyle, your body and even get ready to experience an extra boost in confidence and make a fresh new start. Now you can also introduce new things to your wardrobe especially the ones that you have not explored or been able to well pull off with a head full of hair.

Remember there are a plethora of cool and successful men that have chosen to shave their heads. Some of the few examples include Jeff Bezos, Dwayne Johnson, Dwayne Johnson, Jason Statham, etc. Head Shavers are always in good company, so don’t come and join their league!

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