Premium CSC - Beard Balm

  • $18.95

Our Premium Beard Balm is a combination of carrier oils, beeswax, and shea butter with the purpose to soften, moisturize, define, and tame your beard. Beeswax and shea butter help provide protection to the hair against the harmful free radicals in the air, water and in harsh weather conditions.

Key Features:

  • Hand poured in small batches
  • Intense moisturizing properties
  • Helps promote a soft healthy beard
  • Reduces beard itch
  • Reduces beard-dander
  • Adds shine
  • Not tested on animals
  • Made in Canada

How to Use:

This wax formulation helps shape and form your beard while locking in moisture. After you shower and dry your beard, apply a dime sized amount in your hand.  Massage the wax into the hair and roots, while shaping your beard. Apply on a daily basis to help your beard feel soft and healthy.